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Successful Cases
filter press loading
Filter Press Machine; Usage: for waste water from dying plants; Qty: 1 set; Destination: Middle East.
S.S.bag and cartridge filter housing; Material: S.S. 316L; Qty: 25 sets; Destination: Europe
Cartridge dust collector with anti-explosion design; for alloy metallurgy industry; Air volume:70000m3/h; Qty: 1 set; Destination: China.
Needle Felt Filter Cloth; Model:NOM500X2.1; Qty: 5000M; Destination: South Asia.
Filter bags; Model: DXX * XXX L- MA/E-FG750-HY; Qty: 4000 pcs; Destination: Europe.
Cartridge Dust Collector; Volume:45000m3/hr anti-explode; Usage: Metal polishing dust collection; Destination: Southeast Asia.
Air Slide Chute System for Power Plant; Material: Chute: carbon Steel Q235; Air slide fabric: Basalt Air Slide Fabric; Usage: For hot particles air sliding in Power Plant; Destination: Africa.
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