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About Us


The Zonel Enterprises are comprised with Zonel Filtech and Zonel Plastic, the business including the filtration solutions (Filter Machines and Filter Materials) and plastic products (monofilament & extruding machines, PVB films).


The Zonel Filtech as one of the most professional and leading-edge manufacturers whom was specialized in R&D the solutions for liquid-solid separation and air-solid separation as well as the air slide solutions since 2008, the company offer the most economical but effective filtration solutions for our clients nearly in all kinds of the industries.


The company with staff over 220, combined with management office, technical R&D department, sales department, production department, purchase department, installation and construction department, after sales department so as to solve every possible problem may meet for our clients.


The filtration products from Zonel Filtech are widely used in metallurgy industries, energy industries, mining industries, chemical industries, building material industries, rubber industries, wood processing industries, plastics processing industries, food & beverage industries, pharmaceutical industries, mechanical processing industries and other specific requirements to help our client to solve the problems on concentrating or waste water treatment and air pollution controlling.


Any help needed on filters, welcome to contact Zonel Filtech!

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