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General introduction of Polyester air slide fabric:
Zonel Filtech provide good quality polyester air slide fabrics for air slide systems, which can be divided into polyester spun yarn air slide fabric, polyester filament air slide belt and polyester nonwoven air slide cloth for different usages and requirements from the clients.
The filament polyester air slide fabric with a smooth surface and equal air permeability, strong construction, excellent for abrasion resistance, with the longest service life for the polyester material air slide fabrics.
The spun yarn polyester air slide belt with the same construction as the filament air side membrane, also offered to various industries for dry particles conveying and mixing the material in homogenization silo, etc, but the service life shorter a little when compare to the filament one, but price cheaper some.
Nonwoven air slide belt, with the needle punched nonwoven construction (nonwoven polyester air slide cloth), air permeability bigger, and softer, easy installing, and suitable for some small volume and light material conveying, which is the most economical solutions of the air slide fabric for the air slide systems.

Relevant specification of the polyester air slide fabric from Zonel Filtech:
Thickness of the polyester air slide fabric: 3~10 mm can be customized.
Width of the polyester air slide belt: max. 2.4 meters.
Air permeability: can be customized as requirements.
Tensile strength: > 5000N/4cm.
Operation temprature: -60 dgree C to 150 degree C, max. peaks: 180 degree C.

Main application of the polyester air slide belt from Zonel Filtech:
Cement industries: cement plant, bulk cement truck and ship;
Mining industries: alumina, lime, coal, phosphates, etc;
Chemical plants: soda, etc;
Power plant: coal, desulfurize, etc;
Food industries: flour, etc.

The properties of the air slide membrane from Zonel Filtech:
1. Clear veins, stable size, high tensile strength, various materials for choosing according to the different requirements.
2. Equal air permeability, the tolerance of air resistance is within ±10%.
3. High temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, little hygroscopicity, corrosion resistance, lower adhesive capacity, never delamination, longer service life.
4. Smooth surface, 100% new materials, won't leak dust, green products.
5. The products applicable to convey the materials with the particle diameter < 4mm, temperature < 180degree C, the moisture content < 2%.

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