cartridge dust collector

portable filter Cartridge Dust CollectorThe cutting fluid (such as cutting oil) will be adopted for cooling and lubricating the knife and the workpiece when production processing in NC machine tool, no matter the lathes, milling machines, grinders, drilling machines, etc. When this kind of liquid contacts the hot machined surface, vaporizes, and condenses as sub-micron particles, then the oil mist/oil smoke will be released in the air of the workshop.
The cutting fluid is a complex chemical, besides the hydrocarbon materials, also include the sulfosalt, aliphatic amine, nitrate dye, dyes, fungicides, etc. When operating in the machine, the cutting fluid will be oxidized and polluted, the even more harmful materials included, when the oil mist released, it will affect the health of the machine operators strongly, also will affect the machine’s stability.
Also, the oil mist will make the floor and work surface slippery, which definitely not production friendly, so removing oil mist is therefore essential for workplace safety and cleanliness.
Zonel Filtech was one of the leading oil mist collector manufacturers of China can offer the super quality oil mist removers / oil mist eliminators. Zonel solutions for oil mist collection are designed for continuous operations in demanding airflow applications, optimized construction design, special treated filter media which makes our machine suitable for various working conditions and especially good for coolant mist collection. The oil mist filtration systems for mist filtration ensure superior efficiency even under the most challenging conditions in continuous operations, the filter media easy to be cleaned and don’t absorb or get blocked when filter the mist, with a long service life.
Any oil mist collectors / smoke collectors requirements, welcome to contact the oil mist removing expert-Zonel Filtech!

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