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Aramid nonwoven air slide fabric Aramid air slide fabric (woven)

General introduction of aramid air slide fabric:
Aramid air slide fabric also called Nomex air slide fabric and Kevlar air slide fabric in the market due to the raw material from the different suppliers. According to the different working circumstance, the aramid materials from Zonel Filtech were adopted the aramid 1313 (similar to Nomex) and aramid 1414 (similar to Kevlar) according to the certain working circumstances.
The Aramid 1414 air slide fabric which is fire proof, high tensile strength and abrasion resistance, longer service life, the maximum operation temperature resistance even up to 250degree C.
For the aramid 1313 air slide fabric, which is the high temperature resistance air slide fabric as well, this aramid air slide belt continuous operation temperature can up to 200degree C, maximum peaks can up to 220degree C. This aramid air slide belt with shorter operation life and lower operation temperature, but can offer a more economical solutions for some special air slide systems.
Aramid fiber also can be needle punched into nonwoven aramid air slide fabric (Nomex nonwoven air slide fabric) and offer some economical solutions for the air slide systems or homogenization systems.

Relevant specification of the aramid air slide cloth from Zonel Filtech:
Thickness of the aramid air slide membrane: 3~10 mm can be customized.
Width of the aramid (Nomex) air slide belt: max. 2.4 meters.
Air permeability: can be customized as requirements.
Tensile strength: > 5000N/4cm.
Temperature resistance: -60~250 degree C.

Main application:
For some high temperature particles/dry powder air slide conveying.

The properties:
1. Clear veins, stable size, high tensile strength, various materials for choosing according to the different requirements.
2. Equal air permeability, the tolerance of air resistance is within ±10%.
3. High temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, little hygroscopicity, corrosion resistance, lower adhesive capacity, never delamination, longer service life.
4. Smooth surface, 100% new materials, won't leak dust, green products.
5. The products applicable to convey the materials with the particle diameter < 4mm, temperature < 250degree C, the moisture content < 2%.

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