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dust filter bag
Zonel Filtech have dedicated in micron rated liquid filter bags and relevant filters for many years, so far, Zonel Filtech can provide both micron rated needle felt liquid filter bags (nonwoven liquid filter bag) and the micron rated screen mesh liquid filter bags, as well as the S.S. filters for industrial usages.
The advantage of Zonel brand micron rated filter bags:
●7 industry standard sizes
●Good chemical compatibility
●High flow - low pressure drop media
●Both sewn or welded construction available
●Various materials
●Choice of metal ring tops or molded Super Seal tops
●Not easy to be blocked, with the good reproducibility, longer service life.

The standard size of the micron rated filter bags
The number of the size Diameter (inch) Length (inch)
1 7.06 16.00
2 7.06 32.00
3 4.12 8.00
4 4.12 14.00
5 6.00 20.00
7 5.50 15.00
8 5.50 20.00
9 5.50 31.00

1. Micron rated needle felt filter bags
Zonel Brand micron rated nonwoven needle felt filter bags that the materials cloth are made from synthetic fibers in polypropylene and polyester. The proper combination of fiber diameters, weights and thickness results in an economical depth type filter media. PP liquid filter bag & polyester liquid filter bags are supplied with a singed and glazed finish to reduce the fiber migration and improve the filtration efficiency.
Micron rating: 1 ~ 200 micron

micron rated fiter bag, thread sewing liquid filter bag
micron filter bag A:

Micron rated liquid filter bags with steel wire ring and thread sewn.
All size can be customized.

micron rate filter bag
Micron filter bag B:

welded sealed micron rated liquid Filter Bags
Welded liquid filter Bags with following properties:
Fully-welded constructions
No Needle Holes
No Thread Contamination
Precision bonded cutting of the fabric edges
Maintain same efficiency as filter media

micron rated mesh filter bags for liquid filtration
2. micron rated mesh filter bags

Material available:
polyester mesh filter bag;
PP mesh filter bag;
Nylon mesh filter bag.
Micron rating: 30 ~ 1800 micron.
Special design of the industrial filter bags can be customized from ZONEL FILTECH, welcome to contact us!

s.s. bag filter
General introduction of the S.S bag filter house:
The S.S. bag filter can be divided to the single bag style and the multi bag style, which is a kind of enclosed filter, but the principle all are belong to the pressure filtration.
The whole filter was including three parts: filter container, supporting mesh, filter bags.
The solution needs to be filtered was entered into the filter from the top of the filter bags, which can help to uniform the distribution of the solution and make the filtration stable and without turbulent flow.

The properties of the Zonel Filtech brand S.S bag filter house:
●Innovative design, easy operation: such as the gravitational equilibrium top cap, each open and close, so change the filter bags is very convenient.
●Always offer the most economical solution for filtration.
●The compacted design, save operation space, and reduce the wastage of the solution.
●Optimized outlet, entirely exhaust.
●Inner “three points” pressure lock design, with a better sealing performance.
●Adopting the BIG open area but high strength supporting mesh, with a better flow volume and with the smaller size.

The application of the Zonel Filtech brand S.S. bag filter house
●Automobile production
●Electronic appliance production
●Coper foil production
●Fine chemical
●Food industries
●Paper making
●Oil and gas refinery
●Steel metallurgy industries

Typical parameters of the S.S. bag filter of Zonel Filtech:
s.s.bag filter house

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