cartridge dust collector

Oblique Installing Cartridge Dust CollectorThe general introduction of the HEPA:
High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter also called HEPA, which is a type of highly efficient filtration media that removes microscopic particles from air that passes through the filter. Such particles include tobacco smoke, household dust, and pollen. HEPA filters are most commonly found in household vacuum cleaners and air filters. Depending on their usage and indoor air quality factors, it is suggested that HEPA filters be replaced every 12 to 18 months.

Properties of the HEPA filter from Zonel Filtech:
1.For the particle size 0.3 micron, the filter efficiency can be more than 99.97%.
2.Computer controlled production machines, which stable quality control.
3.Special designed fiber glass filter paper as the filter media.
4.Every filters from Zonel will be tested.
5.The size according the international standard.

Applications for the HEPA from Zonel filtech:
The HEPA from zonel filtech are widely used in the industries of semi-conductor, nuclear, electronic, pharmaceutical, biotic experiment, food production, machinery, chemical, auto production, etc.

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