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needle felt filter cloth micron rated filter bag
Needle Felt Filter Cloth Micron rated filter bag & S.S. bag filter
spunbonded filter material dust filter bags
Spunbonded nonwoven for filter cartridge Dust filter bag
woven filter cloth fiber glass filter cloth and fiber glass dust filter bag
Woven Filter Fabric Fiber glass Filter Cloth and Filter bag
dewatering belt bolting cloth
Filter Belt Bolting Cloth

General introduction of the filter material:
Zonel Filtech provide sound quality woven filter cloth rolls and readymade press filter fabrics, needle felt filter cloth rolls and readymade dust filter bags and micron rated liquid filter bags, spunbonded media for pleating filter cartridges, de-watering belt, bolting cloth, liquid filter cartridges, etc.

The properties of the filter materials from Zonel Filtech:
1.The woven filter cloth with various material, mainly divided into polyester filter cloth, PP filter cloth, nylon filter cloth, cotton filter fabrics.
2.The needle felt various material available, such as polyester needle felt filter cloth, PP needle felt filter cloth, acrylic needle felt filter cloth, aramid needle felt filter cloth, PPS needle felt filter cloth, P84 needle felt filter cloth, fiber glass needle felt filter cloth, PTFE needle felt filter cloth.
3.Various kinds of PET mono fabric belt for choice, such as polyester monofilament sludge dehydrate fabric, spiral dryer fabric, deNox fabric, paper making fabric, dewatering belt, polyester net, filter belt, forming fabric for nonwoven , etc.
4.The bolting cloth / screen mesh with the material of polyester, nylon, PP, the yarn size and open size can be customized, all the machines are imported from Switzerland combined with the experienced engineers, good quality guaranteed.
5. for spunbonded filter media from Zonel Filtech with the properties of high tensile strength and good hardness, not easy to delamination and good for pleating, with various finish treatment according to different filtration requirements, such as water oil repellent, AL laminated for anti-static, PTFE membrane laminated for increasing the filtration efficiency, etc.
6. at mean time, Zonel Filtech also offer the melt blown filter cartridges, wound filter cartridges, pleating micron rated filter cartridges for various usages, welcome to cooperate with Zonel Filtech.

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Cement/building material industries
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