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General instruction of dust filter cartridge from Zonel Filtech:
Dust filter cartridges was the key parts of the cartridge dust collectors which help to purify the dust air directly, according to different systems with the special application, the cartridge always designed with different caps with the relevant sealing method, different filter material and the glue material, so the professional and experienced supplier will help you to solve all of these kinds of problems in case any possible accident when operating.

The properties of the dust collector filter cartridges from Zonel Filtech:
1.The filter cap material can be carbon steel with coating (galvanized, organ silicon coating, or other anti-rust painting, etc), S.S., Nylon, ABS, rubber, etc, can accept customize according to the client’s sample.
2.The filter material adopted in the dust filter cartridges from Zonel Filtech which all are sourcing from the world-famous brands, with the improved filtration efficiency on sub-micron particulate (99.9% + on 0.2 to 2 micron); also, can suitable for many working circumstance, such as for purifying the corrosive dust air, explosive dust air, sticky/high moisture dust air, high temperature dust air, etc.
3.Airtight gasket accessories available applications in many temperatures conditions.
4.Offers excellent dust release incorporate design according to requirements various installation options available, easy to install and save time.
5.With the most reasonable design on shape, size, material so as to make the dust collectors always with a stable and lower resistance, help to increase the service life, and less maintenance.

Can customize all of the replacement filter cartridges for the cartridge dust collectors in the market with different installation requirements and working circumstances.



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