air slide system, air slide conveyor, air slide chute, air slide fabric, pneumatic fluidizing conveying

air slide system, air slide conveyor, air slide chute
General introduction of air slide system:
Air slide systems also called air slide conveyor / air slide chute or pneumatic fluidizing conveying systems, which widely used in cement plants for raw materials and the cement conveying, also be used in the industries of bauxite, CaCO3, carbon black, gypsum, flour and other industries for powders or small particles (diameter < 4mm) conveying.
The air slide conveyor was combined by upper chute, air slide fabric, below chute, which fixed by bolts at the edges of the chute and sealed by silicon rubber or some high temperature resistance sealing material. The air slide chute was installed from higher position (inlet) to the lower position (outlet) with a special angle (mainly from 2~12 degree), with a well-sealed feeding set, when the pressed air enter into the below chute, the air will pass the air slide fabrics and mixed with powders at the upper chute to make the powder fluidized which will be conveyed from the higher side to the lower side position due to the gravity.

Properties of the air slide chute from Zonel Filtech:
1.Simple system design with a lower investment.
2.Easy maintenance.
3.Won’t lost of the material or pollution when conveying the material.
4.The whole air slide chute (except the air blower) nearly no moving part, working quiet, lower power consumption (mainly 2~5 KW), no need to grease the accessories, safe.
5.Can change the convey direction and feeding position easily.
6.High temperature resistance (can stand 150 degree C or more), anti-corrosive, anti-abrasion, lower moisture absorption, lower weight, smooth surface, longer service life.

Can transport nearly all of the dry powders (moisture mainly <2%) with the particle size less than 4mm, which widely used in the industries of cement, bauxite, CaCO3, carbon black, gypsum, flour, grain, and other industries such as chemical powders, machinery accessories or raw material particles and so on.

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