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Air slide hose according to their usage also called bulk cement aeration hose, silo hose, cement air slide hose, etc.
The Zonel Filtech was one of the most professional air slide hose manufacturers of China can offer the high strength pneumatic air slide hoses with different sizes and special requirements, which made of polyester industrial spun yarn in warp side and polyester industrial filament at the weft side. One side of the customized air slide hose with PU coating, and the other side without. The coating can improve the abrasion resistance of the air slide hose, at the meantime can optimize the air permeability at the other side without coating.

The properties of the air slide hose from Zonel Filtech:
1.One side with PU coating, good for abrasion resistance, with a longer service life; not air permeable, will improve the air permeability of the other side, can help to pneumatic the powders so as convenient for the transportation works.
2.The air slide hose is light and flexible, can adopt to various climate, antioxidant, antiaging, easy to maintenance.
3.The Zonel air slide hoses also with the properties of smooth surface, high strength, stable and equal air permeability, low moisture absorption, not leafing, the powders won’t flow back, easy installing, energy saving, etc.
The Zonel air slide hoses are popular in China air slide hoses market due to the advantages of no need the air chamber, powder transfer fast, high efficiency, especially good for cement tanks / cement trailers (cement trailer air slide hose, air slide hose for cement tanker trailer) as well as the bulk cement ship for air slide transfer.

Relevant parameters of Zonel air slide hoses:




Thickness mm

Temperature oC

Air pressure lose KPa

Diameter mm

Air slide hose







Material details

Warp side: polyester spun yarn; Weft side: industrial filament


Latex with color

Temperature oC

Continuous ≤150; instant peaks: 180

Tensile strength

Warp: ≥5000N; weft: ≥5000N

Elongation when install


Tensile elongation

Approximate 24%

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