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Basalt air slide fabric / high temperature fabric Corrugator paper conveying belt

General Introduction of air slide fabrics from Zone Filtech:
Zonel brand high tensile strength air slide fabric is a belt fabric (air slide belt) mainly used for pneumatic transmission of cement, bauxite, carbon black, gypsum, flour, etc, also as the air slide canvas equipped to fluid bed and powder mixing tank, which with a special and controllable air permeability can help to improve the transport efficiency, in the mean while reduce pollution, and also guarantee the uniformity of the mixed powders.
The principle: when transferring the powders, the air slide membrane / fabric combined with pressed air in chute and fluidizing the dry powders, then the fluidized particles will flow from the higher position to the lower position (destination) on the air slide cloth due to the gravity.
Because the particles are pneumatic, so the equipment won't be damaged from abrasion, easy maintenance. Also, the particles be transferred in air tight chute, so the materials won't lose when transferring, which will help to save much of the cost, and also won't cause the pollution.
So far, the air slide fabrics from Zonel are widely provided to the metal works, building materials plants, chemical plants, power plants, food processing plants and transportation area, etc, always keeping a perfect performance.

The properties of air slide fabrics from Zonel Filtech:
1. Clear veins, stable size, high tensile strength, various materials for choosing according to the different requirements.
2. Equal air permeability, the tolerance of air resistance is within ±10%.
3. High temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, little hygroscopicity, corrosion resistance, lower adhesive capacity, never delamination, longer service life.
4. Smooth surface, 100% new materials, won't leak dust, green products.
5. The products applicable to convey the materials with the particle diameter < 4mm, temperature < 700 degree C, the moisture content < 2%.

The application of air slide fabrics:
Cement industries: cement plant, bulk cement truck and ship;
Mining industries: alumina, lime, coal, phosphates, etc;
Chemical plants: soda, etc;
Power plant: coal, desulfurize, etc;
Food industries: flour, etc.

1. Material available:
polyester air slide fabric, which divided into polyester spun air slide fabric and polyester filament air slide membrane.
Aramid air slide membrane (suitable operation temperature: -60~260-degree C), according to different operation conditions, we can offer both aramid air slide belt made of aramid 1313 (similar to Nomex air slide fabric) and aramid 1414 (equal to Kevlar air slide fabric).
Basalt air slide cloth (basalt air slide fabric / high temperature resistance air slide fabric) (-260~700 degree centigrade).
Cotton air slide canvas.
Besides the woven air slide fabrics, Zonel Filtech also offer the good quality nonwoven air slide belt
2. We can sell by rolls with big width (within 2200mm), meanwhile, we also can cut and process it to complete piece as customers’ requirements, so the products will be installed easily.
Welcome to cooperate with Zonel Filtech!

Besides the air slide fabric, Zonel Filtech also offer the super quality corrugator paper conveying belt, the thickness between 5~10 mm can be customized, weight between 4~8kg per square meter, width within 2.3 meters can be customized.
The corrugator paper belt with the properties of smooth edge, strong structure, flat surface, stable size, good air permeability easy to drying, longer service life, any help needed, just feel free to contact Zonel Filtech!

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