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Changzhou Zonel Environmental Technology Co., Ltd
is the professional and leading-edge manufacturer whom was specialized in R&D on Dust Collector Systems and accessories, Air slide Systems and accessories, clean room filters as well as the filter materials. The company offer the most economical but effective solutions to our client on filtration and pneumatic conveying systems.
The company has technical R&D department, sales department, production department, installation and construction department, after sales department, etc to solve every possible problems from our clients.   
The main products from ZONEL FILTECH are cartridge type dust collectors and accessories (filter cartridges, etc), bag filter houses and accessories (filter bags, supporting cages, venturi and caps for bag cages, etc), pneumatic conveying systems /air slide systems and accessories (air slide fabrics, etc), as well as the filter cloth.
The filters from ZONEL FILTECH are widely used in the industries of Metallurgy, thermal power, mining, chemical, building materials (cement, asphalt, etc.), coal, rubber, woodworking, plastics, food, pharmaceutical, welding, CNC machines, metal cutting and grinding, plasma/laser cutting and other specific requirements, any help needed, welcome to contact ZONEL FILTECH!

Why Zonel:
Z: Zero, the past achievement is past, we will keep the most positive attitude to work from zero, learning always, seeking always, innovative always.
O: Optimization, Optimization is what we pursue.
N: Necessary, we only offer the necessary suggestions to our client and offer the most economical solutions.
E: Efficiency, the efficiency is our working style, always find the best solution for clients at the shortest time.
L: Let’s, we always stand with our clients and think all for them.